The state of the natural environment in Poland.

espite continuous improvements, large financial inputs are needed. The amount of pollution entering the environment is still above the average of countries in the European Union.

Nowadays, the most important aspects of environmental protection undertaken by rail are: emissions – noise, exhaust from engines, reducing energy needs and the correct disposal and recycling of waste.

Rail transport generates less (than in the case of other kinds of transport) external costs connected with waste, polluting the environment, noise, transforming the landscape etc and creates only 1.6% of general external costs among all kinds of transport. Polluting emissions emitted by rail transport to the natural environment make up only 20% of pollution which all transport in Poland produces.

By deciding to use rail transport, you are supporting the natural environment.

Environmental protection in rail transport is carried out in two stages:

At the investment stage

The investment stage involves building and modernizing the railway lines, which the companies undertaking such actions are responsible for.

During operational activities

During operation activities of the railway the task involves protecting the land, air, water and wildlife as well as protecting against noise and vibrations. Ecco Rail tries to continuously cooperate with environmental protection, eliminating unnecessary use of braking, leaks from machines and train generators (lubricating oils), exhaust emissions of NO x, CO, HC, PM. When transporting fuel we follow safety restrictions strictly.

We care about the environment:

urope can become a leader in the area of ecology, creating more awareness, a more positive environment, competitive and safe community, among other things by unifying laws. These advantages can encourage others on a global scale to make changes to ecological equality and efficiency, which will guarantee the appropriate quality of life around means of transport.


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