Our vision

European logistical rail transport demands effective and individual solutions, which is exactly what we at ECCO RAIL can provide.

Our values

Our clients are at the centre of all our decisions and actions. We offer professional logistical services, honestly and enthusiastically.

Our valuesi

Well qualified and motivated workers, who are highly valued by our company are the basis of our success.

The personal responsibility, effort and enthusiasm of our workers are key elements in our company values. We invest in training and professional improvement, in order to create a positive atmosphere, leading to professional and creative service.

Commercial success

Supported by the effort and enthusiasm of our workers, we are a successful company, allowing us to invest systematically according to our company strategy.

Environmental Protection and Social Responsibility

We take our social responsibility seriously. We provide services for a wide range of clients. Providing sustainable rail transport whilst contributing to environmental protection is one of the aims of our company.


Our company is the largest private rail transport company in Poland.

NIP 625 24 32 759

Sąd Rej. Wschód VIII Wydz. Gosp. KRS 0000378827


We belong to ECCO GROUP and as a member, we concentrate on the joint development of trade and technology.

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